Youth Violence Prevention

Vision Statement: 
That Richland County residents will be united with their youth, community and law enforcement. That they will embrace opportunities to make themselves and others better and the community in which they live to make it a safer, more productive place to live and grow. Richland County youth need to know their civic leaders genuinely care about them, their struggles as well as their dreams for a bright future and that we will do everything we can to help them in their journey.

Mission Statement:
To administer programs centered around Richland County youth, the community and law enforcement. These programs will enhance communication and promote positive relationships between all involved parties in an effort to prevent & divert negative youth behaviors.
Hi-Five a Cop Program
Mansfield Police DARE Officer Orlando Chatman and RCPO Youth Violence Prevention Coordinator go to Mansfield area elementary schools to interact with grade school children during lunch on a non-confrontational, friendly basis.

The pair simply walk around during the students' lunch period to talk to them, give them hi-fives and sometimes stickers and candy in an effort to get the kids to see police officers in a non-threatening, more helpful manner.

At the beginning of the school year, students were scared of Ofc. Chatman but after many positive interactions and by the end of the year, students were giving him & YVP coordinator hugs & hi-fives.
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Is Your Child SEXting???

Your child may be in DANGER and committing a CRIME !!!
The Richland County Prosecutor's Office is taking a proactive approach to work with local schools to present facts & information about sexting to students, parents & faculty, in an effort to raise awareness and to help students make better decisions & stop the destructive behavior.
Sexting for minors is illegal! Sexting is generally understood as creating, sending, receiving or showing sexually oriented content, including images and words, via cell phone, email, social media or other online communications.
SEXTING & the LAW: In Ohio, sending sexually explicit images of minors on any electronic device could result in as high as a Second Degree Felony Prosecution. SEXting could also be considered a Federal Crime.
Conviction could result in 2-8 years in Dept. Youth Services or adult prison for each picture. 
Your child's name could be placed on the national sex offender computer data base as a Tier I, II, or III Registered Sex Offender.
Federal jurisdiction almost always applies when an electronic device is used to commit a child pornography violation.

PARENTS click here for discussion starters for a sexting talk with your child.

HAVE YOU LOOKED at your child's cell phone, electronic devices, or social media sites lately? Click here for ideas.

Sneaky Teen Sexting Codes

Apps commonly used for teen sexting:

Click HERE to download the List!

Check your child's phone for these sneaky codes:

LH6 – let’s have sex
KYS – kill yourself
CD9 – code 9, parents around
99 – parents are gone
LMIRL – let’s meet in real life
MPFB – my personal f*** buddy
1174 – meet at a party spot
ADR – what’s your address
GYPO – get your pants off
CU46 – see you for sex
WTTP – want to trade photos?
GNOC – get naked on camera
53X – sneaky way to type “sex”
KMS – kill myself
LH6 – let’s have sex
MOS – mom over the shoulder
POS – parents over shoulder
WTTP – want to trade phones?
IWSN – I want sex now
FWB – friends with benefits
PAL – parents are listening
TWD – texting while driving