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Prosecutor Bishop has adopted two new slogans for the office.

To Victims of Crime: "Your rights are worth protecting,"

The theme for criminal prosecution is, "Obedience to the law is liberty."

"Those will be our themes as we take on the challenges that lie ahead in the next four years."


Gary D. Bishop 
Richland County Prosecuting Attorney

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*If you are in danger, CALL 911​*

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News from the Prosecutor's Office:
New prosecutor's victim advocate doubles as firefighter​ (MNJ)

New Hire: Welcome Olivia Boyer to the Criminal Division of the Prosecutor's Office!

Promotion: Alisha Steele was promoted to Grand Jury Specialist in February 2017!

To Victims of Crime: Your Rights are Worth Protecting!
"Obedience to the Law is Liberty"
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The office of the Prosecuting Attorney in Richland County strives to ensure that all victims and witnesses in criminal cases receive fair and courteous treatment during the course of criminal prosecution. I believe that victim/witness assistance is a major responsibility of my office and pledge our support to victims and witnesses of crime.
Gary D. Bishop
Richland County Prosecuting Attorney