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Prosecutor Bishop has adopted two new slogans for the office.

To Victims of Crime: "Your rights are worth protecting,"

The theme for criminal prosecution is, "Obedience to the law is liberty."

"Those will be our themes as we take on the challenges that lie ahead in the next four years."


Gary D. Bishop 
Richland County Prosecuting Attorney

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Sneaky teen texting codes:
LH6 – let’s have sex
KYS – kill yourself
CD9 – code 9, parents around
99 – parents are gone
LMIRL – let’s meet in real life
MPFB – my personal f*** buddy
1174 – meet at a party spot
ADR – what’s your address
GYPO – get your pants off
CU46 – see you for sex
WTTP – want to trade photos?
GNOC – get naked on camera
53X – sneaky way to type “sex”
KMS – kill myself
LH6 – let’s have sex
MOS – mom over the shoulder
POS – parents over shoulder
WTTP – want to trade phones?
IWSN – I want sex now
FWB – friends with benefits
PAL – parents are listening
TWD – texting while driving

News from the Prosecutor's Office:

Employees of the Month (August): Martin Jones

New Hire: Welcome Raymond  "Kelly" Hamilton to the Criminal Division of the Prosecutor's Office!

Prosecutor's office celebrates Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

New prosecutor's victim advocate doubles as firefighter​ 

Richland County residents receive $142K from Ohio victims of crime fund

Prosecutors Preserving Justice:

​​​​​​KEEPING RICHLAND COUNTY SAFE:  Prosecutor Bishop & the Assistant Prosecuting Attorneys take immense pride in trying the cases that come before the Richland County Common Pleas Court. The following defendants will be off the streets for a period of time, thanks to the hard work and dedication of our Assistant Prosecutors in colaboration with local law enforcement. To demostrate these efforts, below are highlights of some significant cases:

A Richland County Jury found Mansfield resident, Jessie Wilson GUILTY of possession of heroin & possession of cocaine, each a 2nd degree felony. He was sentenced to the maximum of 8 years in prision & ordered to forfeit $542.00 to the State of Ohio, and this defendant will not be eligible for judicial release. Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Amanda James represented the State of Ohio and the citizens of Richland County in this matter.

Verdict: 'Guilty'. Walter Renz Found Guilty On All 7 Charges (from WMFD-TV) Good work to First Assistant Prosecuting Attorney, Jodie Schumacher and Chief Criminal Attorney, J. Brandon Pigg for prosecuting this case for the State of Ohio, the family of Patsy Hudson and the citizens of Richland County.

After a two-day trial in Judge Brent Robinson's courtroom, a Richland County jury found Mansfield resident Paul Heald GUILTY of possession of herion and trafficking herion, both Felonies of the First Degree. He was sentenced to the mandatory maximum of 11 years in prison for having 297.5 grams of herion laced with fentanyl. Chief Criminal Attorney J. Brandon Pigg represented the State of Ohio and the citizens of Richland County in this matter.

The Richland County Prosecutor's Office is taking a proactive approach to work with local schools to present facts & information about sexting to students, parents & faculty, in an effort to raise awareness and to help students make better decisions & stop the destructive behavior.

To Victims of Crime: Your Rights are Worth Protecting!
"Obedience to the Law is Liberty"
Thank you for visiting the website of the Richland County Prosecutor's Office.
The office of the Prosecuting Attorney in Richland County strives to ensure that all victims and witnesses in criminal cases receive fair and courteous treatment during the course of criminal prosecution. I believe that victim/witness assistance is a major responsibility of my office and pledge our support to victims and witnesses of crime.
Gary D. Bishop
Richland County Prosecuting Attorney